I’ve long been a fan of goals. I feel like they are what keeps us moving, and I am also a proponent of publicizing those goals to make yourself more accountable. So, for you all, here are my goals for the next three years of my writing career: 

  • Get an agent. This is the first key step into publishing my book and really setting up future works from there. It’s a hard game to get, and there is really no right way about finding one, but I am working on it. I’ve been soliciting agents for a few months now, so I am crossing my fingers that one comes through very very soon.  
  • Publish my book. Obviously, this is a goal and I think three years is doable.  
  • Start working on a second book. This will likely depend on how the first one goes, but I have a great idea about friendships that I really want to explore. I just need to get this current book out the door before I can devote anytime to it.  
  • Become fully sufficient on my freelancing career. I still have to supplement, but I am hoping that will change.  
  • Do at least three international writing projects. I have started pitching a couple of magazines, but I am hoping I can earn some airline miles while work.  
  • Launch a writing-themed podcast. Everyone loves podcasts right? 
  • Start building my writing coaching business. I really want to help other young writers and this would be a great way to do it.  
  • Be published in the New York Times. Every writer’s dream.  

So, those are my goals for now. Maybe I will check back in every year to see how well I’ve done, or maybe I will have more to add!