I think most people, at one point in their lives, wanted to do something creative. Maybe that’s be an illustrator for Disney or star in their own TV show. Whatever the medium, we all have creative spirits wanting to be brought to life.  

For me, that has been, and will always be, writing. I started reading in the first grade and I never really stopped. I often went into my parents’ home office and took whatever books I could find in their library. I stayed up way past my bed time reading, and sometimes got in trouble for reading during class (I never like math).  

One day, my mother gave me a little project. She told me to write a few paragraphs about my favorite book. When I did, she asked me how I would make it even better? And so I developed another side story for the character. We started doing this with all of my books, and then I began creating my own worlds and characters.  

English was my favorite subject, but I wanted to study something that had more career opportunities, so I decided to get a degree in journalism. I went to a great journalism school and had some awesome internships at popular websites. This sort of set the foundation for me for after college when I got a job at start-up online magazine. I liked it, but it didn’t pay too well, so I started freelancing on the side. Eventually, I decided to move across the country and freelance fulltime.  

Writing is the one thing in the world that I feel like I am kind of good at. I am know I am not always the best, but I am a solid writer. And, it’s what brings me the most happiness in the day. I love being able to put words on to a page that make people feel things. That’s why I want to keep doing this for the rest of my life!