One of the things that most scary about being a writing is the criticism involved, and there are different kinds of critics.  

First, there are the real critics, the ones who consume lots of writing and who know good books from bad books. These are the people can either make or break your book sales, so it’s ideal that you want to please them. But, chasing good reviews can be a fool’s game. If you are only concerned about what literary critics will say about your book, then your writing has no heart.  

Then, there are the online critics, people who will talk about you on forums and social media. These are everyday people. And there will be people who love it and people who hate it, and trust me, you will hear the people who hate it more. You have to get over that. You have to focus on who love it and remind yourself that you work is not for everyone.  

There is also your friends and family. You really want to impress these people, and you want to prove to them that you should have been a writer all along. I promise you, even if they do not like your book, they will still say that they do because they love you.  

Lastly, and the worst critic of them all, yourself. You have to give yourself a break. Your book won’t be perfect, because nobody’s is, but it’s yours. You put your heart and soul into it and that matters.  

So, acknowledge the critics, but keep writing anyway.