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Eek! Today is the absolute best day in all of the universe! I got signed by a literary agent!  

This is a super arduous process that most people do not get to experience, but I am so incredibly lucky. Last week, I wrote a column for an online website that is similar to the basic premises of my book. It was well-received and even went semi-viral. I decided to capitalize on that, and sent the article to a few agents. One of them, the one I was most interested in, got back to me and wanted to sign me!  

This is where I jump up and down! 

So, you might be wondering when does my book come out? Well, we are a long way from that point. Basically, I am going to finish the first draft by the end of this month and then my agent will review it. I will likely write another draft, and then we will start shopping it out to publishers. This might take months or years, but I am so excited to be on this process.  

I will let you know more as I have them!