I’ve been getting some questions lately about what kind of book am I writing, and because it is a work in progress, I can only give you a few details. But, because I am excited about the book and I think a lot of people will really love it, I am going to share what I can! 

First off, it’s a non-fiction book about online dating and relationships. I know you are probably like not another book about online dating! But this book specifically looks at what online dating is like outside of major urban areas for people in smaller communities. What happens when you see your old English teacher on Tinder? Or, you met a great person but they live three hours away. I’ve been talking to many, many people who live in these smaller areas as well as therapists, sociologists, and historians about how trends have changed and their effects.  

I do not yet have an agent, so I don’t have a publisher or a timeline of publishing. I am hoping to finish the first draft in the next couple of months, and then we’ll see. A few friends have read the first four chapters and they like it, so I guess that’s good.  

Stay tuned as I will be posting more about the book, maybe even a chapter, as the project develops!